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The Ithaca Guitar Works is an authorized Dealer for:


 Boss - Digitech - Earthquaker - MXR - Vox - Electroharmonix


and many more.

  • ADA Digitizer 4, rack mount programmable digital delay, 16 locations for your delay and effect programs, with manual, $150

  • Boss AC-2, Acoustic Simulator, N.O.S. in box all papers, discontinued, list: $169.50, Sale: $99

  • Calzone 19" Rack Case, 4 space, 22" deep, $150

  • Carl Martin Pre-Amp 3 Band EQ and Bal-Line Driver, list: $368, yours: $199.99

  • Celestion G12T-75, 2003, we have two of these made in Ipswich England 12" speakers from a new-old-stock ART combo amp, never left the store, like new $75 each

  • Danelectro Reel Echo, $99

  • Digitech Whammy Pedal, 2007, in the box with power supply, $99

  • DOD PRC-6, pedal board-road case that holds 6 older DOD pedals, compartments for cables etc. $50

  • DOD FX55C Supra Distortion, NOS, in the box, $40

  • Electro-Harmonix Bassballs, twin dynamic filter, list: $110, yours: $79.99

  • Ernie Ball VP Jr. volume pedal smaller version, list: $145.20, yours: $99.99

  • Ernie Ball MVP (Most Valuable Pedal), Adjustable minimum volume level control, up to +20dB gain boost, no high frequency loss at any volume, works with active and passive audio signals, ultra-smooth foot sweep for ideal volume control, Tuner output at any volume level without affecting the audio signal, 9V Battery or AC adapter powered,  list: $216, yours: $154.59

  • Fishman Acoustic Blender, list: $499, yours: $375

  • Fishman Power Blender, list: $263.99, yours: $199.99

  • Fishman Aura Acoustic Imaging Blender, this is the original Fishman Aura with built in electronic tuner, knobs for output level, phase switch, input level, effects on/off, parameter, edit/play switch, data, and more, back panel has XLR out, ground lift, 1/4" output to amp or mixer, input, 9volt power supply input and MIDI for installing more images from Fishman, lightly used, in the box with manual, EXC $250 

  • Fishman Dual Parametric D. I., two complete parametric selectable EQs each with variable controls for +/- 15dB, .07 to 2.0 octave, 20Hz to 200kHz with 1X, 10X and 100X switch, volume control and phase switch, 1/4" input and output, XLR output, ground lift switch, 9V battery or power supply operated (not included), in the box with all papers and manual, original list priced $239.99,   NOS, $120

  • Hybrid Cases 19" Effects Rack, two space, 18" deep, $75

  • Sabine R1.0 FBX Feedback Exterminator, N. O. S. set the sensitivity and say goodbye to PA feedback,  $250

  • Tascam MP-GT1, mp3 guitar trainer, list: $269.99, yours: $199.99

  • Vestax MSX-2, NEW OLD STOCK, interface to synchronize two Vestax recording devices, the Vestax MTR MR66S and MTR MR44S to increase number of channels to record, midi in and out, control slave and master, sync in slave and master, sync out 1 and 2, sync/generate switch, rew, FF, stop, play, pause and rec buttons, $99

  • Zoom 509 dual power modulator, N.O.S. in the box $79

  • Zoom 3030 guitar processor multi-effect, list: $299, yours: $179.99

  • Zoom 9001 Studio Effects Preamp, N. O. S. in the box $240

  • Zoom BFX-708, programmable three pedal bass effects processor with multi-function V.C.O. controller built in $125

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