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The Ithaca Guitar Works is an authorized Dealer for:


 Boss - Digitech - Dunlop - Earthquaker - ElectroHarmonix - MXR - Vox


and many more.

  • Boss BB-1X, Bass Driver, USED, $99

  • Boss EQ-20, twin pedal 10 band programable EQ, USED, $140

  • Boss GE-7, Seven Band EQ, USED, $69

  • Boss RV-6, Reverb, USED, $99

  • Calzone 19" Rack Case, 4 space, 22" deep, $150

  • Digitech Digidelay, seven modes from 10 milliseconds to 4seconds of looping, also has tape delays, reverse delay and modulating delays, EXC $49

  • DOD PRC-6, USED, pedal board-road case that holds 6 older DOD pedals, compartments for cables etc. $50

  • Earthquaker Ghost Echo, USED, Reverb, $129.99

  • Ernie Ball 6166, Volume, full size volume pedal, list: $217.80, yours: $155

  • Ernie Ball 6180, VP Jr. volume pedal smaller version, list: $145.20, yours: $99.99

  • Ernie Ball MVP (Most Valuable Pedal), Adjustable minimum volume level control, up to +20dB gain boost, no high frequency loss at any volume, works with active and passive audio signals, ultra-smooth foot sweep for ideal volume control, Tuner output at any volume level without affecting the audio signal, 9V Battery or AC adapter powered,  list: $216, yours: $154.59

  • Fishman Acoustic Blender, list: $499, yours: $375

  • Fishman Platinum Pro EQ, used, $199

  • Fishman Power Blender, list: $263.99, yours: $199.99

  • Fishman Aura Acoustic Imaging Blender, USED, this is the original Fishman Aura with built in electronic tuner, knobs for output level, phase switch, input level, effects on/off, parameter, edit/play switch, data, and more, back panel has XLR out, ground lift, 1/4" output to amp or mixer, input, 9volt power supply input and MIDI for installing more images from Fishman, lightly used, in the box with manual, EXC $250 

  • Hybrid Cases 19" Effects Rack, USED, two space, 18" deep, $75

  • Tascam MP-GT1, mp3 guitar trainer, record your favorite artist's licks and play them back at the same pitch but much slower, list: $269.99, yours: $199.99

  • Ultrasound DI Plus, new old stock, acoustic instrument pre-amp, !/4" instrument input and output, !/4" in and out FX loop, XLR and 1/4" line outs with separate level controls, 100Hz - 350Hz notch filter with on/off switch has a fixed 18db cut for the selected frequencey, on/off shape switch when activated cuts the midrange and boosts the treble and bass, input gain control, active bass and treble controls, 9volt battery or AC converter, list: $179.99, yours: $99.99 now: $50

  • Wampler Pedals, The Paisley Overdrive, EXC $100

  • Zoom G1XNEXT, USED, multi FX prossesor with asignable volume pedal (wha, speed etc.) includes power suppy, $50

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